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“… true literature can exist only where it is created not by diligent and trustworthy officials, but by madmen, hermits, heretics, dreamers, rebels and sceptics. But when a writer must be sensible and rigidly orthodox, when he must make himself useful today, when he cannot lash out at everyone like Swift or smile at everything like Anatole France, there can be no bronze literature, there can only be a paper literature, a newspaper literature, which is read today and used for wrapping soap tomorrow.” – Yevgeny Zamyatin, “I Am Afraid”

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Vagabond Voices is now offering a discounted rate to readers who wish to purchase 2 or more books from our 2016-2017 programme within the next year. This is a bit like a subscription service, but it’s only a one-time payment and it will not automatically renew once it expires (meaning you’ll only be charged once, unless you choose to subscribe again when our 2017-2018 programme is up).

With a few exceptions, our cover prices range from £11.95 to £14.95, so the following subscription options do offer a considerable discount. Please note that the 25% to 40% discount on our backlist is only available to readers who choose the 3- and 5-book subscription options.

*Subscriptions are only available to customers living in the UK.

Our subscription options are as follows:

2 books for £20

3 books for £30, including a year-long unlimited 25% discount on all Vagabond books published before September 2016

5 books for £48, including a year-long unlimited 40% discount on all Vagabond books published before September 2016

For more details, including our full 2016-2017 programme, please click here

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The Vagabond Vends




Chris Dolan's Potter's Field
and Redlegs 
for £15.00 (free UK delivery)

surviving-200x300 9781908251282-KLAUS-FILEminimizer-196x300
Allan Massie's Klaus and Surviving
for £15.00 (free UK delivery)

Lewis Gordon's Sheep and Goats
and Peter Gilmour's The Convalescent
for £15.00 (free UK delivery)


Nicol Ljubić's Stillness of the Sea and
Magnus Florin's The Garden 
for £12.50 (free UK delivery)


Allan Cameron's In Praise of the Garrulous
and Things Written Randomly in Doubt
for £15.00 (free UK delivery)


Gregory Norminton's Thumbnails and
The Lost Art of Losing
for £10.00 (free UK delivery)

Renzo Modiano's Of Jewish Race and
Allan Massie's The Sins of the Father
for £15.00 (free UK delivery)


Allan Cameron's On the Heroism of Mortals 
and Can the Gods Cry?
for £12.00 (free UK delivery)


Jim Sillars' In Place of Fear II and
Peter Kerr's Human Rights in a Big Yellow Taxi
for £9.95 (free UK delivery)